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    Case Study #1: Commercial Aircraft Manufacturer/Advanced Materials Supplier Relationship Management and Large Contract Negotiation

    The Challenge: Improving company position from a distant third, non-differentiated and non-strategic supplier with a world-leading, large-transport aircraft producer

    The Result: Obtained status as a recognized strategic supplier, a $450M multi-year sole-source supply contract and selection as Supplier of the Year

    The Story: After listening to and understanding the customer's needs, Steve led the development of a multi-year strategy that aligned and focused the organization on creating a clearly defined winning value proposition for this customer. Execution of a step-by-step plan, which included major changes to business operations, customer interactions and technology focus, allowed the company to realize a much more collaborative working relationship, a top supplier position, full engagement in the customer’s strategic growth programs and real value creation for the customer and their supply chain.

    Case Study #2: Military Aircraft Manufacturer/Advanced Materials Supplier Relationship Management and Large Contract Negotiation

    The Challenge: Developing and implementing a differentiated competitive strategy with a leading producer of military aircraft to secured long-term sole-source supply position

    The Result: A long-term sole-source supply agreement worth in excess of $750M and selection as a top supplier two years running, with increased credibility and future opportunities for negotiations

    The Story: To maintain sole supplier status, defend against competitive attack and secure additional long-term growth opportunities, Steve formed and championed a multi-disciplinary team to create and execute a strategy that leveraged the company’s existing position and brought forward new value in non-traditional areas for the industry. This effort involved full-scale change at the operating level—from customer support, supply chain and quality to accounting and production systems—that ultimately garnered higher than planned financial results and established the company as the clear leaders in the fixed wing military aircraft segment. By creating value that competitors were unable or reluctant to match, the customer was compelled to purchase on value instead of price, resulting in “the single biggest program win the company has ever had.”

    Case Study #3: Small Business Strategic Planning, Profit Optimization and Growth Leadership

    The Challenge: Expanding a small sole proprietorship in the right direction for increased bottom line profit given many big ideas, the need to prioritize and focus on the “critical few” and a deficit of time and specific skills

    The Result: A 50% increase in revenue after 12 months of strategy implementation with the client achieving a sharp focus on the critical few actions for success, improved financial acumen and personal time management and significantly expanded business leadership capabilities

    The Story: Applying both coaching and consulting processes, Steve and the client co-created a strategic plan that integrated and prioritized all of this small business owner’s activities, created a clear marketing strategy for his existing products and defined individual road maps needed to commercialize several new products. Through business and leadership coaching sessions, the owner also gained a new perspective on the value of his time and developed strategies, skills and tools that shifted his energy from “doing all the work” to “leading and managing” his business.

    Case Study #4: Market Strategy Development and Execution, Manufacturing and Operations Consulting and Asset Turnaround

    The Challenge: Responding to product growth issues such as low sales growth, a deeply entrenched competitor with good product performance, demanding technical requirements, users reluctant to change and procurement managers who preferred doing business with a proven supplier

    The Result: Development and execution of a step-by-step strategic plan, the execution of which led to a 75% market share position and $100M in sales over 10 years

    The Story: As a Product Development and Marketing Leader, Steve developed, qualified and secured contracts for a major industry specification. Through an intensive multi-year R&D and qualification effort that actually engaged the product end-users, provided more customer transparency to operations and introduced a non-standard global pricing strategy, the company was able to qualify a higher performance, lower cost family of products that created a true winning value proposition for the customer. The successful qualification let to a multi-year contract with the primary customer. Once qualified, Steve developed and led the execution of a multi-year market share expansion strategy across all aerospace customers that lead to a majority market share position. The product developed is still in use today some 20 years after its initial qualification.