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    Every leader wants to make a difference and contribute to the growth and prosperity of their business. By constantly seeking ways to become more self-aware, enhance their effectiveness and build their skills, the most successful leaders build their capacity and capability to take on more complex and demanding challenges. Individuals who work with an experienced and insightful coach attain a clear focus on their goals and achieve results faster and with greater success despite their heavy burden of day-to-day activities. And the most insightful companies encourage their leaders to invest in personal development, as both parties reap the benefits of greater employee effectiveness, impact and engagement.

    Every business or individual can benefit from coaching because the right coach:

    Why Steve Speak Coaching?

    Steve Speak coaching delivers high-impact results using a thoughtful, targeted and systematic approach. The coaching process is driven by the knowledge that clients have within themselves the answers and solutions to the challenges they face, but need the right chemistry, conversations and pathways to find them. Steve has experienced both sides of the coaching process–coaching and being coached–so he knows first-hand what the client is experiencing and how to adapt the coaching journey for your specific needs. He also brings forward his years of real-world business and leadership experience combined with a passion for self-improvement.

    The Coaching Process

    The process begins with an initial discussion to determine chemistry and fit with your specific interests/needs and a sample coaching session for those not familiar with how coaching works.

    Each coaching engagement is unique and tailored to meet the needs of each client. Once engaged, we will:

    At the end of the coaching engagement, you will have new skills to apply toward future challenges independently. However, you will always have the option for more coaching to get back on track or pursue other goals.

    Services Provided:

    To begin an initial discussion or obtain more information about coaching, contact Steve Speak.